Thursday, September 20 to Sunday, September 23, Hoover YMCA Park, 1570 Rohr Rd., Lockbourne, Ohio

The Ohio Lesbian Festival is a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven womyn-only event designed to promote womyn’s community, music, and art. The Festival was founded on the premise that lesbians and queer womyn need opportunities and spaces to recognize and support each other, to define our culture, to find our own strengths, and to be empowered. All womyn are welcome!

Years ago, the founding mothers of the Ohio Lesbian Festival made the radical political decision to use the word “lesbian” in the name of this music festival at a time when it was not socially acceptable and generally unsafe to do so. The Ohio Lesbian Festival continues to carve out space created by lesbians but open for all women to enjoy, share community, and connect in a rare and powerful way.

Lesbians Benefiting the Arts and the Ohio Lesbian Festival (LBA/OLF) are committed to the inclusion and honoring of all womyn. We seek to establish a culture that fosters respect for each other as a global community. Our desire is to create a lesbian-centered world where we celebrate all womyn. We strive to create a culture of radical global community-building and safer space. We call on the OLF community to join us in this work and to draw strength from our differences and from our shared commitment to each other.

This year, we are inviting each attendee to join in creating this community by participating in a two-hour Community Work Shift. There will be a variety of things to choose from, for every ability, from “shady sitting” to “sunny set-up” as well as everything in between.



Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 12:00pm

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