Sunday, February 7, 2-3pm, this event will be occurring via Zoom

Especially in these times, life can be extremely stressful. It really helps to learn and practice evidence-based mindfulness techniques to manage stress and to become more compassionate. Especially for non-believers, it is important to do so in a science-friendly, rational atmosphere.

The Rational Mindfulness Group supports secular people in using scientifically-informed mindfulness and meditation practices to reduce stress, sharpen thinking, calm emotions, and enhance compassion. Our meetings combine various types of meditation, readings, and discussions. It’s a great place for both those who want to learn how to meditate and become more mindful, and for those with some experience who want to try out new techniques and meet like-minded folks.

Typical Schedule: This will vary, but below is a general indication of what might happen.

• 10 minutes: Introduction to Rational Mindfulness

• 20 minutes: Meditation instruction and meditation

• 15 minutes: Reading and question-and-answer

• 15 minutes: Closing meditation

Please use this Zoom link to join this event.

Hosted by Humanist Community of Central Ohio [HCCO].


Sunday, February 7, 2021 - 2:00pm

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