Thursday, February 27, 7-9pm, 3090 Gilridge Dr., Hilliard, Ohio

Life After Belief Groups meet for support, encouragement, and growth on the process of living life without supernatural belief. Our core concerns are Community, Charting a New Course, Compassion, and Coming Out. [Read more about these Core Passions below.]

Many in this Secular Community Group are still in various stages of recovery from religion and are processing the feelings, thoughts and struggles of leaving a religious community behind. We include people ranging from those who are attending their first “secular/atheist” group ever and have fears and concerns of being “found out” to those who have been on this journey for a longer time.

• We are a Diverse and Inclusive Secular Community.

• Atheist, Humanist, Non-Religious, Agnostic, Free-Thinker, Anti-Theist, Spiritual But Not Religious, Naturist, Curious But Still with Some Faith, etc.

• From younger families to singles, from baby boomers to teenagers and kids, we are diverse and welcoming having those who identify as LGBTQ, Straight, Polyamorous, etc.

• Whatever identifier you choose, whatever stage you are in . . . you are welcome here!

Contact us by e-mail [<> or <>] or by cell phone [330-466-3969] [Charles].

Sponsored by Recovering from Religion [Columbus, Ohio].


Thursday, February 27, 2020 - 7:00pm

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