Friday, September 22, 10:30am-12noon, this on-line event requires advance registration

This on-line workshop provides homeowners with answers to many frequently asked questions about home solar systems and empowers them to make educated decisions regarding ownership of energy vs. buying from a utility. We’ll cover topics including:

• The science of solar

• Basic design concepts

• Feasibility

• Site assessment

Attendees will learn how to calculate an appropriate system size based upon historic data, and how to calculate a range of cost. We’ll discuss state and federal incentives, and strategies that make alternative energy not only affordable, but possibly the most economical decision you can make. Other topics include how to vet reputable installers, options to finance, and resources for consumers. You’ll leave this class confident in your ability to make the right decision for your home.

Handouts will be emailed before class; attendees should have a copy of their most recent electric bill to provide data for calculations. This is a “live” class and you can ask questions via screen interaction and/or an online “chat” window. Zoom is our user-friendly platform for online classes.

Note: This class is offered quarterly, on or near the seasonal solstices and equinoxes, to help participants accurately assess the quality of sunlight near their home.

Class fee is $15.

Register here.

Instructor: Catherine Hope-Cunningham is an ETA-certified solar energy consultant, Realtor®, and fierce client advocate.

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Hosted by Columbus Garden School and Catherine Hope-Cunningham, Realtor and Solar Consultant.


Friday, September 22, 2023 - 10:30am

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