Christopher Bifani is an artist, writer and musician from Wilmington, North Carolina.

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11 August 2013
Where have you been
My distant friend
Scrolled thru your page
To where your timeline end
Saw the last pictures
You would ever...
27 July 2013
Nearly 10 percent of Americans – more than 30 million people- now live in mobile homes. Recently, my wife and I became two of them.

We had been...
10 November 2012
Keep the Greens off the ballot/ Ban the poor from the polls/ Fill the media with lies/ Pack the internet with trolls/ Shake a big nasty stick/ Wear religion on...
19 August 2012
It doesn’t take a high school graduate to realize there aren’t enough jobs in the United States. But it does take a high school graduate to do most of what...
06 August 2012
Has it really been a third of a century since President Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the White House roof? Has it really been over a quarter century...
06 July 2012
On a busy street
Of a large Midwestern city
In the summer heat
Of 2003
I unfurled a sheet
Hung from my apartment window