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Man with a hat
29 October 2023

There’s a cultural rule that holds one’s vote to be exceedingly private. The idea behind such secrecy is more than a matter of privacy: usually people...

Malcolm X and person wearing red, white and blue
04 July 2023

There’s a special election coming up this August. The voter registration deadline is Monday, July 10th. Are you registered to vote yet?

If you’re not...

Black man being handcuffed by cops
09 June 2023

To paraphrase from Mr. Donte Woods-Spikes, Columbus documentarian and speaker extraordinaire: to anyone who’s been triggered by their memories on their...

David Harewood
04 May 2023

Nazis disrupted a drag brunch on the Westside last week. Social media exploded over the news that white supremacists were disrupting a children’s event and...

David Harewood
28 April 2023

When the City of Columbus apparatus (government) does respond to massive calls for systemic, progressive change, it does its best to do so in the most...

Dave Harewood and Chief Bryant
22 February 2023

I trust that you’ve now fully settled into your position as this city’s Chief of Police. You’re not likely to remember me, but we’ve met twice.