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Men talking with police on the street
08 December 2022


The Red Oak Community School, located in the Unitarian Universalist Church in Clintonville, was the site for both a huge success and a huge failure...

Three members of Civilian Review Board at a table
05 November 2022


The Columbus Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) met on November 3, 2022,  for the 15th time, admitting they are confused about key aspects of their...

People gathering outside
12 September 2022

Intel Corporation and the State of Ohio sealed their marriage on Friday with the officiant flying in on Air Force One just in time to pronounce the happy...

Melissa McFadden
16 August 2022

Last October, The Free Press asked when, if ever, Columbus Division of Police Chief Elaine Bryant would discipline Deputy Chief Jennifer Knight for...

Black woman
11 May 2022

In the world of policing where white men have set the rules for generations, two Black women will now be critiquing those rules in the city of Columbus—but...

People holding sign, Andrew Mitchell and Donna Dalton
16 April 2022

The jury deliberated for eighteen hours over three days but could not reach a verdict in the trial of Andrew K. Mitchell for murder or voluntary...