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Extreme close up of black man's hand wearing a watch typing on a laptop
11 August 2019

There is a serious problem with diversity facing the cybersecurity field. While all minorities struggle to find a foothold in the world of cybersecurity,...

Blue sign with a heart that has a flag and words Hate has no home here
22 July 2019

In 2017, the year that Donald Trump was inaugurated, there was a 17%...

08 July 2019

Social media has had a huge impact, both negative and positive, on the day-to-day lives of most people who use sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter....

Two white guys one in a beret drinking wine and cuddling outside
18 June 2019

As a population that is still largely stigmatized and oppressed in most areas of the world, the LGBTQ community is used to an extra set of challenges in...

Red football helmet with a YC logo on the side sitting sideways on a wood table
13 June 2019

The NFL has created headlines over the last few years for many reasons. Whether it’s the...

Words Health Insurance Policy with a squiggly line below
29 May 2019

Even when a person has health insurance, healthcare in the U.S. is largely inaccessible. Copays and deductibles are enough to put people in thousands of...