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Young white woman in a side view as she looks down
08 July 2019

Social media has had a huge impact, both negative and positive, on the day-to-day lives of most people who use sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter....

Two white guys one in a beret drinking wine and cuddling outside
18 June 2019

As a population that is still largely stigmatized and oppressed in most areas of the world, the LGBTQ community is used to an extra set of challenges in...

Red football helmet with a YC logo on the side sitting sideways on a wood table
13 June 2019

The NFL has created headlines over the last few years for many reasons. Whether it’s the...

Words Health Insurance Policy with a squiggly line below
29 May 2019

Even when a person has health insurance, healthcare in the U.S. is largely inaccessible. Copays and deductibles are enough to put people in thousands of...

Hallway with lots of doors open
06 May 2019

Gun violence has become an epidemic in the U.S., with shootings becoming so frequent in the news that many people have become desensitized to them. Over the...

Sideways shot of a person playing a guitar close up of just the guitar and their hands
26 April 2019

While modern warfare may consist of a hefty dose of drone strikes and off-site technology, it doesn’t change the fact that post-traumatic stress disorder...