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Guy on a radio show
05 November 2020

Activists hope Election Day in Columbus brought more accountability and transparency for the Columbus Division of Police. Columbus city leaders and the...

27 August 2020

Our local police-state apologist broadcast news stations, such as Sinclair-owned WSYX Channel 6, can’t resist to lead their shows with the bloody crime-of-...

Police arresting someone
27 June 2020

The following story has three sources, a local attorney acting as a protest legal observer and two current Columbus police officers. All insisted on...

Black woman smiling and white man talking
05 June 2020

The union representing the Columbus Division of Police (CPD) told the Free Press they are willing to negotiate for a civilian review board when...

Cop spraying black man with hands in air
02 June 2020

The Columbus Division of Police (CPD) was told last year by the Matrix Consulting Group that its directive allowing officers to use pepper spray against non...