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Broken down car
21 March 2024

As Bernie Moreno’s gloating victory speech droned on and on like a used car salesman can do, Ohio looked forward to not one significant MAGA race but two,...

Young child on floor with head in knees and stats on homeless youth
06 November 2023

When Channel 6 news recently called John Coneglio, president of the Columbus Education Association (CEA), he knew exactly how they were going to frame their...

Hand holding a gun at a car
06 September 2023

Ta’Kiya Young’s death was a terrible mix of poor decisions, bad timing, and a lack of de-escalation training. But the bottom line is, Kroger is a $100...

Person being arrested
31 July 2023

Jadarrius Rose’s semi was traveling through the middle of Ohio near Circleville on July 4th when a state trooper tried to pull him over for missing a mud...

Cameron Mitchell
02 June 2023

Everybody in town knows who Cameron Mitchell is and many have dined at his local establishments, such as Cap City Diner. His meteoric...

Urban Forestry sign
02 May 2023

When the relatively unheard of IQAir released its annual “World Air Quality” report earlier this year, it found the “most polluted major U.S. city was...