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09 May 2021


Isabel entered the restaurant, and Kate and their father, Edgar Smith Wilson, waved her over. He dutifully kissed and hugged both...

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02 May 2021


Jack Barns hung up his phone with a finger tap on the desk. He loved his desk, just like the one in the first Tron movie.


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15 April 2021


Jack Barns punched his cell phone, texting. The intercom on his desk buzzed. He tossed the cell phone onto the desk with a clatter...

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13 March 2021


The weather in Philadelphia can be bad. If it rained more, they could call it the Schuylkill Bay instead of the Schuylkill River....

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20 February 2021

To America


The idea of The Exercise – cooperation between the country’s two major political parties, on...