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03 June 2019

The abuse of OSU athletes by Dr. Richard Strauss for the better part of two decades went unreported for nearly four decades?

And when it did come to...

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02 March 2019

I am tired of elected officials acting like they are smarter than we, the people.

I am tired of them acting like we, the people, are Rip Van Winkles...

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04 December 2018

It was not Donald Trump who did in Ohio Democrats on November 6th.

Ohio has not turned Republican.

It was Richard Cordray's fault.


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02 August 2017

You have news organizations that represent, even protect the public, and you have ones that buddy up to powerful institutions.       

The ...

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04 July 2017

The lieutenant governor is the afterthought of Ohio politics. Little attention is paid to the No. Two in state government. Candidates for the post are...

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01 March 2017

Alcohol is a big problem on college campuses and underage drinking is a major slice of the problem. The connection between excessive alcohol consumption and...