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08 February 2023

Somewhere in a secure office bunker outside Washington, D.C. …

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, convenes a meeting of his top...

Young woman
25 January 2023

Let us free our minds from the noise of media and politics and turn our attention to discussing the biggest decision a high school senior will make: Where...

31 December 2022

The lame duck Ohio legislature accomplished little because the majority Republicans were only interested in one thing – solidifying their hold on state...

11 December 2022

In a perfect Ohio world, the two months between the November election and the early January would be free of insults to our intelligence by the rogue Ohio...

01 December 2022

Nothing like a mysterious disappearance to get our minds off Ohio’s miserable political situation and Ohio State’s one-sided loss to Michigan.


14 November 2022

Ohio Democrats were wiped out in the Nov. 8 election. Let the excuse-making begin.

Democrats in the state of Ohio have become like Democrats in...