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06 July 2017

"Without music, life would be a mistake."--Friedrich Nietzsche

Would the occasionally fantastically misunderstood German philosopher have understood...

Easy Rider album cover
05 June 2017

I found a magic little coffee shop and I'm going to keep it as much a secret as I can. I do not want to share it with you cultural appropriators.


Madonna in orange pants and black bots dancing outside
31 January 2017

Yes, Officer, I am under the influence.

Of the following:

Two cups, Bigelow's peppermint tea, probably four full teaspoons white sugar.

Blue version of Rolling Stones logo with words blue and lonesome
04 January 2017

While celebs and a clutch of great musicians croaked by the dressing room full, did anyone notice the Rolling Stones had a banner year?

Yes, I am...

Four middle aged white guys, some in suits, standing together with their arms around each other
07 December 2016

It's about me and Hillary, mostly, and how she blows off steam after a major disappointment in life by flying secretly into Columbus, then takes a special...

Black and white photo of young Frank Sinatra at the mic
25 October 2016

What would a Frank Sinatra White House look like?

You do know a vote for The Orange Lord is a vote for old-school values, right? When men ran in...