Lady Monster A Queen of the Fire Tassels *Performing since 1992* The Twirl-inator! Treats Straight From The Teat - She Brings The Camp to the Fire! The only known performer in the world to ever make s'mores with her tassels - all to the beat! Taught by the Living Legend of Burlesque, Satan's Angel, the creator of fire tassel twirling. Lady Monster is a sanctioned "Queen of the Fire Tassels". Trained, insured and with a natural talent to twirl fast! She also twirls water, LED and regular tassels. Voted as one of the TOP 100 Burlesque Performers in the World by her peers in 21st Century Burlesque Magazine (2010). Stars in the documentary film about Satan's Angel, SATAN'S ANGEL: THE MOVIE. Featured on the Revolting Cocks' 2006 recording, Cocked and Loaded with her song, "Revolting Cock Au Lait". Spokesmodel for Leonard Nimoy's book of photography, The Full Body Project. Lady Monster has worked with legends and celebrities such as: Leonard Nimoy Margaret Cho Al Jourgensen Jello Biafra Annie Sprinkle Carol Queen Satan's Angel Steve Balderson Carlos Batts & April Flores Charles Gatewood Eric Kroll and many others, in a variety of capacities as an artist. Lady Monster is a burlesque performer, workshop facilitator, published writer, film actress, model, recording artist, producer of events and a Certified Sex Specialist through San Francisco Sex Information. Available to perform, host, speak, teach, etc.

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28 May 2014


Intimacy can be the Holy Grail of relationships. I am going to ask a series of questions, to assist each of us on our quest. Our interpretations of...

15 May 2014




May is International Masturbation Month

29 April 2014

Bedroom Dodgeball and Other Tales

Dear Lady Monster,

Some years ago I had a single sexual encounter with a...

31 March 2014

I was 83 last September and was wondering if you have any ideas on how to make my non­existent sex life better?

 About 5 years ago I had most...

11 March 2014

As a BBW model/performer, Kelly is passionate about introducing body positive messages into the media spotlight, and promotes her ongoing mantra of “...

04 March 2014
On Sunday, March 9th, it's Spring Forward for daylight savings, time to move our clocks forward one hour (2am becomes 3am). Spring begins officially with the...