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People sitting in a circle at a meeting
15 June 2024

This week, people who were deported were SEEN and HEARD on Capitol Hill (pictured above), thanks to their loved ones and volunteers who blanketed the Hill...

Details about event
09 January 2024

The Ohio Immigrant Alliance (OHIA) released the first two products from an 18-month research project helmed by Nana Afua Y. Brantuo, PhD, about racism and...

Father, mother and child
08 September 2023

Late last year, two groups of Columbus immigrants sat down with researchers from the Children Thrive Action Network (CTAN) and the Center for Law and Social...

Man in T-shirt saying Peace, Justice, Freedom, Dignity for all
16 June 2023

You need to get involved.

Members of the Black Mauritanian community – in Ohio and beyond – have been opening their homes to young men and women...

Young blonde woman
25 May 2023

The Ohio Immigrant Alliance is a group of immigrants and citizens working together to protect the dignity and...