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Black silhouette of a head facing right with white puzzle pieces flying out of his head against a blue background
03 October 2017

In case you missed it on Dr. Oz, the cure for Alzheimer’s (and quite possibly other types of cognitive decline) has arrived, only it’s not so much a pill or...

A pile of colorful and different sized pills
31 August 2017

A conference in Quebec gave me an excuse to escape to our northern border and French Canada for a little summer break. (Part 2 of “Pain” is in the hopper,...

Naked man's back with red glow at the bottom and him holding it as if in pain
02 August 2017

Call me crazy, but I’ll never forget how thrilled I was the day I discovered I could crack my own back.

It wasn’t a matter of money. One of my best...

Cover of Undoctored book, with an apple with a prescription pasted on it
05 June 2017

I have to confess I feel a bit like a middle-aged groupie, but I just can’t stop telling people about William Davis’ new book, “Undoctored.” Dr. Davis is a...