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Round circle with mostly black background words Columbus Crew SC around the edges and in the middle a yellow checkered and striped symbol with a 96 on it
31 October 2017

My family moved to Columbus in 1994 so my mom could pursue her doctorate, carried to Ohio in a swarm of uncertainty. I was five. I knew nothing of...

Police up in the face of black people in the street
05 July 2017

“During the lifetime of great revolutionaries, the oppressing classes constantly hounded them, received their theories with the most savage malice, the...

Putin's face, white guy with balding brown hair and a suit
01 February 2017

Not that I was getting all that much good sleep before, but I've written off getting much more in the next four years. I've always been a pretty dour person...

Christopher Columbus statue
30 September 2016

Not to big myself up too much, but my strongest columns are usually ones I'd rather not be writing. I was all set to take a break from election commentary...

Hillary Clinton looking angry at Congressional hearing
30 August 2016

Probably the most damning thing about Hillary Clinton is her supporters' most cited compliment: “You may not like her in public, but she's great one on one...

Drawing of Trump on brick wall with word balloon saying "Word Vomit"
05 August 2016

Ain't No Love In The Heart is back for some election commentary, because you can take the boy out of the swing state... This piece was written before...