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14 May 2019

The city of Dayton confirmed yesterday in a press conference that the police will...

Diona Clark Gives Court Testimony
10 May 2019

Domestic violence victim Diona Clark gave testimony Wednesday at a sentencing hearing...

15 April 2019

Ohio Governer Mike Dewine signed into law Senate Bill 23 Thursday which effectively bans abortion for the vast majority of the tens of thousands of Ohio...

Man being dragged across the floor by two uniformed policemen
14 March 2019

The Ohio Senate passed SB23 yesterday to restrict abortion to the first six weeks of a woman’s pregnancy, in a vote of 19 to 13.

Republican Senator...

People in what looks like a courtroom
28 January 2019

Wright State University (WSU) teachers returned Monday morning at 9am to the picket line for the second week one day after Ohio’s State Employment Relations...

Several black men and women posing at a church
22 January 2019

January 21, 2019- Ohio State Representative Bernadine Kennedy Kent called for greater police accountability at the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day...