Trump and Clinton each at a podium looking like they are yelling
18 November 2016

Hillary Clinton's margin of victory in the 2016 vote count continues to climb, at this point well over a million. 

But her impending defeat in the Electoral College comes with familiar signs that the election was stripped and...

Lots of smiling white people male and female leaning toward each other all wearing blue T-shirts in a city council chambers
11 July 2018

The third time was a charm for the Columbus Community Bill of Rights initiative which is confirmed to be on the Columbus ballot this November. The following is what one of their tireless activists said before Columbus City Council on...

Head shot of black woman with short black hair smiling wearing a police uniform
04 July 2018

What’s a black female police officer to do when her fellow white male police officer talks about blowing up Black Lives Matter protestors? Any words of caution may be interpreted as anti-police rhetoric. This is the case of Police...

Sign being held outside reading Downtown developers are the aggressive panhandlers
02 July 2018

The joke around town about personal injury attorney Scott Schiff is, if you need to find him, just wait around any car accident. Poof, he’s going to appear out of nowhere, and if you need a chiropractor, he’s probably one of those, too...

Bearded white man with glasses an bald head smiling with a dark-skinned man in sunglasses and a baseball cap outside in front of some cars and a cloudy sky
25 June 2018

I am honored to be here this week, every day I am here in the Lakota Nation North Dakota, I feel my inner strength and my spirit set loose and free. Everyone is nice and respectful here despite all the genocide the white man and woman...

Backs of two people standing outside on a hill pointing off to the distance down in a valley
23 June 2018

After a gas well owned by XTO, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, exploded on February 15, it continued leaking pollution into the air for three weeks. The word “leak” is deceiving–what...


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