Nasir Latif has a long history in the Columbus Mediterranean restaurant business. He stepped out for a while but came back with Lavash several years ago. He planted a fast casual restaurant in south Clintonville and it has been a huge hit, especially with me since, it opened. I will mention a few things I really appreciate about the place: great daily specials, very good vegetarian and carnivore friendly offerings and a wide selection of baked goods, many from Nanak Bakery. I have enjoyed each meal from a simple shawarma to any of the daily specials. However, I never visit without ensuring I get a serving of hummus with a side of their freshly made pita bread. Hummus is one of the basic staples of any middle eastern restaurant but not all are created equal. The Lavash hummus blends ground chickpeas, tahini sauce, lemon juice, garlic and extra virgin olive oil in just the right proportions. The balance of all of the flavors mixes together in just the right proportion and pairs perfectly with the pita bread. Lavash pita is thicker than what you typically encounter elsewhere. The outer crust offers just a bit of resistance while the inside of the circle of bread is doughy, bubbly and has just the right amount of firmness yet is porous enough to soak up the hummus from the plate so you leave no evidence of the dish behind. Lavash is frequented by a wide variety of guests, many walk from their homes in Clintonville, many more journey up from the campus area and a diverse range of cultures seem to make this a destination meal. Lavash is relaxed and casual. You can count on the staff to be friendly and helpful. An on the right night, you can sit outside to soak in the sunset on a table under the vines. Lavash Cafe 2985 N. High St. Clintonville (614) 263-7777 Cutline:

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