Vegan Mac and Cheese with tofu photo by Eriyah Flynn
If you are looking for some vegan comfort food, Till Dynamic Fare has you covered. They do a vegan mac and cheese (cashew based) with smoked tofu that makes this vegan’s heart sing! Till takes pride in their ingredients for being; “bio-dynamically produced, organic and local first.” Not only have they grown many of their ingredients in their on-site garden, they “know their farmers.” Fresh and creative has always been their signature, regardless of whether they were exclusively vegan (formerly known as Dragonfly) or with a mixed menu now known as Till. They almost always have a vegan soup/chili option and at least half of their homemade ice cream (right now it is mint chocolate-chocolate chip, rum raisin and lemon pumpkin seed brittle) selection is vegan. You can always find vegan dessert too! I’m about to go and try their decadent vegan Black Forest Trifle: Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, dried cherries, passion fruit custard with coconut ice cream! They do magic things with passion fruit. When you want something vegan, seasonal, savory and hot, or sweet and cool, you can find it here. Sunday Brunch menu has four vegan options: Pancakes, Kung Pao baby kale and tofu, mac and cheese with tofu, and tempeh squash pot. Open: M-FRI 11-12, SAT 9-12, SUN 9-9 Located: 247 King Ave, Columbus, OH 43201 Eriyah’s Favorites: Anything they make with passion fruit for dessert, and mac and cheese w/tofu

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