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Representative Mike Skindell will soon be re-introducing the Ohio Health Care Act, a bill that would provide progressive financing of health care and extend the benefits to all Ohioans, regardless of employment status, financial status, marital status or any other kind of status.  The bill provides for comprehensive benefits including dental, vision and mental health care. 

Rep. Skindell will be sending out co-sponsor letters, inviting other members of the Ohio House to sign on to the bill.  This is important as it shows support for the bill.   We need you to urge your state representative to sign on as a co-sponsor. 
Sample language:

Please endorse the Ohio Health Care Act, to be introduced by Representative Mike Skindell, by signing on as a co-sponsor.   

The Ohio Health Care Act ensures that no Ohioan will be without health coverage during a pandemic.   It also gives the state a way to control health care costs and benefits businesses by removing the burden of healthcare from them.   Small businesses, the backbone of our local economy, will benefit greatly. 

Every study done shows that the system proposed by the Ohio Health Care Act is fiscally conservative, saving significant amounts of money over what is being spent now. 

Please co-sponsor the Ohio Health Care Act, to be introduced by Representative Mike Skindell. 

How to contact your state legislator:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, legislative offices are not always open.  Staff often work from home.   Phone calls may not get through and snail mail is taking weeks to reach the offices.   Therefore, email is the preferred method of contact at this time. 

Each legislator has an email address in the following form:

For example, Representative Skindell is in District 13.  So, his email address is rep13@ohiohouse.gov

If your legislator is in district 1-9, use a zero -0- in front of the number.  So, to write to a legislator in District 4, it would be rep04@ohiohouse.gov

To find your state representative:  https://www.ohiohouse.gov/members/district-map

If you know your district or representative, you can go directly to this page:   https://www.ohiohouse.gov/members/directory

Using the template for the email address, you do not need to use the one on the House web page. 
Some tips:

·Keep emails short.   They don’t read long, wordy emails. 

·You want to make sure co-sponsor the Ohio Health Care Act by Representative Mike Skindell is emphasized.

·Do not send as a group email to several legislators.  They go to a spam file.

·You may contact more legislators than just your own.  This is a common practice, just be sure to send separate emails to each. 

We are concentrating on the Ohio House right now and will work on Senate co-sponsors in a few weeks. 

Now, National

Many people have lost their health care coverage due to the pandemic, whether it is due to job loss or their employer deciding they can no longer afford to provide insurance.  The latter is common, especially in small businesses trying to stay afloat in this economy.

The Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act would provide health care coverage for all who are  uninsured until the pandemic is over.   This is first dollar coverage, meaning there are no deductibles or co-pays.   For those who do have insurance, the Act would pay for all out-of-pocket expenses.  

The Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act was introduced last session by Bernie Sanders in the Senate and Pramila Jayapal in the House.  It will be re-introduced this session. 

You can send a letter to your Member of Congress and Senators through the following link:


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