The two DeWine men

Just in time for the primary election on May 3, Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines is putting its quirky political ad “Meet Mike DeSwine” on TV news channels around Ohio this week, while the PAC’s second ad “Tax Hike Mike” will be heard on conservative radio stations across the state by the weekend.

The PAC’s launch video “Meet Mike DeSwine” –– which debuted earlier in April –– received thousands of views on social media and featured the voices of Morgan Hughes from #SaveTheCrew and comedian Corey Ryan Forrester. The "Tax Hike Mike” ad slams Governor DeWine for keeping Ohio’s gas taxes high and features narration by podcaster Ben Kissel.

With “Meet Mike DeSwine,” the PAC introduced a new political caricature that encourages Ohioans to forget about his “feckless” record as Governor and not vote in the primary. DeWine has also said that rolling back the gas tax would be “a mistake,” while a historic bribery scandal (that keeps getting worse) is bringing DeWine’s integrity more and more into question every day.

“We’re putting these ads on conservative news channels and talk radio stations around Ohio to remind voters about Governor Mike DeWine’s real record,” said former Libertarian candidate for governor Travis Irvine, who is treasurer of the PAC and ran against DeWine in 2018. “It’s time for all Ohioans to join together to #SpillDeWine because when Mike DeWine wins, Ohio loses.”

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