Bullet hole in house

Columbus, OH) January 2, 2020  - Late in the evening of December 31, 2020, an unidentified shooter fired a single shot into the home of the family of Casey Goodson, Jr. as the family of Mr. Goodson was returning home from church and attempting to bring in the new year together, the bullet entered their home near the front door, nearly hitting one of Tamala Payne’s sons. 

“We celebrated Christmas without Casey, but Jason Meade was home with his family. We tried to celebrate the New Year, missing Casey, and we were attacked in our home while Jason Meade was safe at home with his family,” Tamala Payne, Casey Goodson Jr.’s mother said. “Whatever their intent was, I want everyone to know we are unafraid and undeterred in our pursuit of justice for Casey.” 

Reports with local and federal authorities were filed and law enforcement is actively investigating the incident.
“This family has already experienced unimaginable pain and trauma. We intend to do everything within our power to keep this family safe from further harm or intimidation, and regardless of this act of aggression against them, we will be continuing to fight for justice for Casey Goodson,” Attorney Sean Walton, co-counsel for the Goodson family said. 


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