Vegan products


Miyoko's European Cultured Vegan Butter (refrigerated)

Violife Mature Cheddar Slices (refrigerated)

Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage (frozen)

JUST egg folded plant egg (frozen)

Immaculate organic biscuits (refrigerated)

Vegans can live an enjoyable life eating the foods we were raised on in this nonvegan society using the amazing vegan alternatives we have been provided with in the modern, ever-evolving, 100% plant-based marketplace we have today.

Twenty years ago, we ate a more whole foods, an 100% plant-based diet that did not have such remarkable and comparable processed alternatives. While it was, undoubtedly, a much healthier way to eat, it required that we “give up” many of our favorite things and was much more like deprived martyrdom from the nonvegan perspective.

Perhaps this is more convenient and allows us not to feel the selfish notion of being deprived of our favorite and familiar comfort foods, yet that has never really been what veganism was focused on.

Ours is a movement that is living in integrity with actually placing the non-consenting victim’s perspective of our “food” system, wherein they were never before given a place or priority in our western civilization human societies. (The Jains that observe “ahimsa” (nonviolence) have been considering and living in these ways for over 3000 years. Their life’s compass is thus; ”Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being.” ~ Mahavira a Jain Patriarch)

If you are not yet willing to accept the identity of being a vegan, please, examine the facts surrounding our uses of other feeling, sentient earthlings as human property and explore the incredible nonviolent, healtheir, more sustainable, alternatives to the hidden systems of death and torture that are required for the very foundations of our favorite, non-vegan/animal-based foods and products. Each of us have the opportunity to build a better world.

Please, join the vegan community in making the most of this critical and urgent time for humanity. Eight billion humans have been a game-changing factor in tremendously negative ways that must be adapted from immediately.

This breakfast would blow your mind with how delicious, simple, and better it can be. It cannot be remotely compared to the equivalent, animal-based version currently depriving animals of their very lives, driving premature human deaths through preventable, degenerative and infectious diseases, delivering profound suffering for both human and nonhuman earthlings currently caught up in humanity’s tragic, disconnected spiral into self-destruction.

All of these items were found at Whole Foods.

The cost was ultimately $3.34 per fully loaded sandwich.

The individual components cost:

$5.49 for 6 Beyond Classic Breakfast sausage patties,

$4.99 for the 4 JUST egg patties,

$3.99 for the 8 ready to bake Immaculate biscuits,

$4.49 for the Violife cheddar cheeze (10 slices),

$5.99 for the 8oz Miyoko’s butter.

Makes 4-6 each (if you cut the folded egg in half it will go further) fully loaded vegan breakfast sandwiches (for about $3.34 each), or 6 each sausage and cheeze sandwiches or 8 biscuit, with butter and jam.

This vegan *sausage, *egg, *cheeze, with butter and raspberry jam biscuit took less than 20 minutes to make. It has significantly less calories (560 calories, 21g of protein, 32g of fat, 16g carbs) than the animal-based version, significantly more fiber than the animal-based version, all the amazing flavor, texture and satiation of the orginal animal-based version and NONE of the requisite violence and killing, nor resulting negative likelihood of constipation or cardiovascular clogging.

Thanks in advance for opening your mind, your mouth, and your wallet, to building a better world of human integrity with fairness for all earthlings, both human and nonhuman. Please hurry, it is a matter of life and death, to them, to us, to our sustainable ecosystems and economy.

Love life, live vegan!