Rep Your Block

#RepYourBlock2020 today submitted petitions for over 70 candidates for the Franklin County Democratic Party’s Central Committee. The candidates come from all walks of life and represent a diversity of views and aspirations for what our county and Democratic party can become.

"The Franklin County Democratic Party has lacked accountability to our neighborhoods,” said Anna Siriano, candidate for Central Committee on the West Side. “We are committed to making politics more accessible and lifting up the concerns of our neighbors.

Candidates running with #RepYourBlock2020 are committed to a democratic decision-making process. They pledge to be open, transparent, collaborative, and focused on those who will be most impacted by their decisions.

The Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee makes decisions for the party. The Central Committee’s primary function is to determine which candidates are on the “sample ballot.” Every four years, primary voters elect up to 152 people all across the county to serve as a ward representative on the Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee.

“The face and the views of the Democratic Party are changing, and I’m excited to be part of the change,” said Marques Jones of the University District. “It is time for the Franklin County Democratic Party to open the door to new voices and fight for the dignity of all residents of Franklin County.”

#RepYourBlock2020 is focused on bottom-up organizing—building accountability to our neighborhoods, not wealthy donors. The project has inspired dozens of our neighbors to step-up and become leaders, committing to transforming the Franklin County Democratic Party while fostering democracy and developing the next generation of leaders.