Veganshift logo at bottom and quote "vegan choices are for anyone who wants to: love deeply, think critically, live responsibly

When we think of loving deeply, we think of expanding that love to all self-aware earthlings. When we think critically, we think of the consequences of our actions not just on ourselves but also on all other individuals (human and non-human) who share our world. When we think of living responsibly, it means that we live consistently with universal values in every aspect of our lives and the desire for freedom from violence and oppression for all innocent individuals, equally.


Once you have embraced the decision to live with integrity in behavioral consistency for respecting all living beings, your next step is to connect with people who have been living vegan and can show you how:

  • Join the Columbus Vegan Meetup

  • Attend events that connect you to the people and places that empower vegan living

  • Educate yourself on equivalent vegan alternative options: food, clothes, entertainment, medicines, rescues vs. pet stores etc. Many of these resources are found on

  • Ask for what you need at the grocery store that you shop, the cafeterias, restaurants and social events that you regularly dine at.

  • Avoid awkward social situations by telling your family and friends in advance that you are living vegan so they can accommodate your needs. Be sure to bring enough for everyone to try some of your vegan foods.

  • Always carry snacks with you – trail mix of your favorite fruits and nuts, carrots, celery, peanut butter and jelly, bean and rice burritos, etc.

  • Check out vegan recipes online, at the local library or bookstore for your favorite meals, or “veganize” your existing favorite recipes:

    • For cereal, use plant-milk or plant-creamer for coffee, there are many: almond, cashew, coconut, hazelnut, hemp, macadamia, oat, rice, pecan, pistachio, soy, walnut or blends of any of these

    • Try the egg replacers: The Vegg, EnerGy Egg Replacer Powder, The Vegan Egg, The Plant Based Egg, Just Egg

    • There are many 100 percent plant-based equivalent vegan alternatives for animal product replacements: Beyond Meat, Gardein, Match Meats, Sophie’s Kitchen, Field Roast

How to negotiate a non-vegan menu when dining out:

  • Review the menu for ingredients you like.

  • Ask servers to tell you what is vegan if the menu is not clearly marked.

  • Ask servers if the chef/cook can accommodate vegan requests. If so, replace animal products with vegan alternatives (instead of dairy, eggs, flesh): avocados, nuts, seeds, beans, mushrooms, different vegetables, fruits, berries, grains, potatoes. Some restaurants are advanced enough to have vegan equivalent alternative options for vegan dairy, eggs, plant-meats and decadent desserts.  

  • Leave a good tip for the extra effort the team put into meeting your vegan requirements.


Thank you for caring enough to change to be consistent with your values of liberty and justice for all.


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