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Julius Tate

Monday, December 7, 3pm, 1308 Mt. Vernon Ave. [east of the intersection with N. Champion Ave.]

On December 7 at 3pm, the family of Julius E. Tate will gather in front of 1308 Mt. Vernon Ave. [east of the intersection with N. Champion Ave.] where an electric pole has been decorated in his honor.

It has been two years since the murder of young Julius at the hands of Columbus Police.

According to Columbus Police, Julius’ death was the result of a sting operation gone wrong. An autopsy report released to the media by the Franklin County Coroner’s Office claims that Julius was shot once each in the head and in the chest and three times in the abdomen. This information contradicts the official autopsy given to Jamita Malone, Julius’ mother.

Amidst all of the protest being held after the Presidential election that had just taken place, Julius’ family wants to make sure that his story is known and that his murderers are held accountable.

The memorial of Julius’ death comes two months after The March Against Columbus that had been held in his honor. Starting downtown and moving onto Mt. Vernon Ave., where Julius Tate was murdered, the march lasted sixteen days.

“When Julius died, no one told me,” Jamita says. “Till this day, they [Columbus Police] have not knocked on my door and told me. But I knew. My son came to me that night . . . and I felt a cold hand on my arm, and I got chills. Their lies never sat right with me. Julius came to me that night and he said, ‘Mommy save me.’”

Ms. Malone says that she has been misled by not only the Police Department, but also by the City of Columbus. She feels that she has been forced into silence and that her son’s case has been forgotten. She hopes to be able to tell Julius’ true story come this Memorial Day, and also to confront those who she feels have wronged her.

Contact: Maryam Muhammad, or 614-670-0673.