Sept 11, 12, 13, 2015

240 Parsons Avenue, (Main & Parsons)


Fri – 5PM - midnight

Sat – Noon - Midnight

Sunday – 11AM - 8PM


3 Stages - The Main Street, Parsons Avenue and Porch Swing Stages

The Hot Times Annual Art Car Show is the largest gathering of Art Cars in Ohio

Great vendors line the Loop Road creating a lively Street Fair

Fabulous Food!

Whole line up at

Friday Sept. 11th  5:30  Community Opening Drum Circle with Wahru Cleveland (side of stage)  6:30  Johnny Lonesome  7:30  Michelle Ishida & Jason Montgomery   8:30  Teen Fiction  9:30  Electro Cult Circus 10:30 Pleasant Tense                                      Sat. Sept 12th 12:00  Mr Eric 12:45 Open Heart Creatures   1:10  Movement Afoot Tap Dancers      1:30  Youth from State of the Art Production   2:30  Girlz Rhythm n’ Rock Camp   3:45  Wednesday Wine   4:45  Billy Zenn & the Ringers   5:45  Keeping HOPE Alive   6:45  Rosco with Buckeye Politicians & special guests   7:45 Dougie Simpson & the Faith Band   8:45  N-Soul Deep 10:00  New Legga-C Showband     Sun. Sept. 13th   10:15  Yoga class led by O Hi Yoga 11:00  Traditional Sunday Drum Circle with Drum Master Tony West(under big tree) 12:00  Zumba with Aziza 12:30  Sistah Ngoma and Pat Funderburke's Afro-Rhythms  1:30  Brian Clash and the Coffee House Rebels  2:30  Jam Network Band   3:30  Love United Choir  4:00  Poetry Slam with Is Said   5:00  Carole Walker  6:00  Shady Grovers     Porch Swing Stage: Friday: 
7:00-7:45:  "Healthy Movements thru Line Dancing with Aziza".  
1:30-2:30:  Eugene Beer, the Piano Peddler and Wahru.  
3:00-3:45:  Pat Funderburg,  "Movement for people with real bodies" 
4:00-4:45:  Shining Diamonds  5:00-5:45:  Stephen Schneider and Sunday Drumz  6:00-6:45:  Rem Milligan  Sunday:   
1:00-1:30:  Kim Denizard 
2:30-3:30:  Freedom N' Folk Revival 
4:00-4:45:  Darchelle Williams  5:00-5:45:  Shining Diamonds ­TIMES­COMMUNITY­ARTS­MUSIC­FESTIVAL/56693365395?fref=t

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