Words on a picket sign Peace Builders Despair is not an option and the banner lower third below saying Interfaith Community March, Genoa Park

Sunday, April 29, 4pm
Genoa Park, 303 w. Broad
The Interfaith March for Peace & Justice is a nonpartisan event meant to affirm the freedom of religion and to condemn all acts of discrimination directed at people because of their religion, race, or place of origin. 

On April 29, stand up against racism and religious intolerance with people around the country and the world as we march together! The Columbus March will begin at Genoa Park at 4:30 PM! Attendees should arrive by 4 PM. 

Please contact us with any questions!
Our Guiding Principles
1. We believe that all people should be free to practice their faith without fear of discrimination, intimidation, or reprisal.

2. We believe that multiple religions can coexist peacefully and contribute to the common good.

3. We believe that equal justice and equal protection under the law are rights to which all people are entitled regardless of race.

4. We believe that the government of every state and of our great nation should protect those who are most vulnerable and never fail to seek justice for acts of violence perpetrated against minorities by those who claim superiority or dominance.

Visit interfaithmarch.com for more details.