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Justice for Tyre King Vigil
Friday, May 19, 6-9pm
18th and Madison Streets, near east side Columbus
The Grand Jury is convening this Friday to decide whether or not the officer who killed Tyre King should have to face an open trial. We are not expecting justice. Prosecutor Ron O'Brien has NEVER held CPD accountable for a lethal shooting so we are expecting the system to fail the community once again.
We will gather in the school yard of Douglas Elementary near the site where Tyre's life was lost Friday evening. We are mourning the tragic loss of life and the lack of justice for him and all the victims of police violence in Columbus.
Join us and find out ways you can join the movement to fight for police accountability and real investments in the programs that actually keep communities safe.
Columbus Central SDA Church will be hosting the family in the time following the announcement.
Press inquiries can be sent to

Columbus Psych Fest
Friday, May 19, 4pm-Saturday, May 20, 2am
Park Street Salooon, 525 Park St.
A collection of space and psych rock from Columbus and beyond. 
Bands include:
Mas Bagua
Brujas del Sol
Golden Death Music
Scattered Planets
Psych light shows, an EarthQuaker Devices pedal booth for your demoing pleasure, food, spirits and a fine evening of music for all to enjoy. 
*Set times*
Scattered Planets - 5pm
Primitives - 6:30pm
Mortimur - 8pm
Ancient River - 10pm
Relaxer - 11:30pm
Golden Death Music - 5:45pm
Floorian - 7:15pm
Mas Bagua - 9pm
Brujas del Sol - 10:45pm
EYE - 12:30am
Doors PROMPTLY at 4 pm. Show is free. Good vibes and good times to be shared and had.
Admission is free. 18+. Doors PROMPTLY at 4 pm.