Sign saying Battelle Nuclear weapons now illegal

I was truly overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and passion and energy shown by everyone at the rally at Battelle on Jan. 22, the day of the Entry Into Force of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. These omnicidal weapons are now being stigmatized – as evidenced by Battelle trying to distance themselves from their involvement in nuclear weapons research and development. We were there quite a long time, well over 2 hours!  Here is a link to Paul Becker’s photos of the rally on Flickr.  

Ralph Orr Facebook writeup and photos of Battelle rally are posted under Resources for Protests.

Battelle has received hundreds of billions for all kinds of warmaking equipment (tanks, planes, submarines, etc.) equipment, devices, rockets for conventional and ICBMs for nuclear weapons, parts, and for developing metals of all types for these weapons.  Now with nearly a $2 trillion budget for new nuclear weapons over the next 30 years, Battelle is poised to take a good deal of our money and turn it into omnicidal weapons. 

1-22-21 GrassRoot Ohio: Carolyn Harding interviews Mary Olson & Pat Marida on the Entry Into Force of the UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and the Effects of Radioactivity on Women and Girls.  Here is the YouTube link. Here is the audio Soundcloud podcast link.   28 minutes

This article in the Columbus Free Press gives an overview of the TreatyJanuary 22, 2021: Entry Into Force! The United Nations Treaty On The Prohibition Of Nuclear Weapons 

Sierra Club Hails the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons “Entering Into Force” on January 22, 2021