The Ohio Statehouse and words Stop Abortion Bans

Tuesday, October 22, 9:45am-12pm
Ohio Statehouse, 1 Capitol Square
Join us Tuesday, October 22 in the Senate Health, Human Services and Medicaid committee (South Hearing Room) for the third hearing on two anti-abortion bills - SB 155 and SB 208. The hearing is set to begin at 10:00 am


Senate Bill 155 – Sen. Peggy Lehner’s Medical Misinformation Act. This bill would force doctors to provide patients with information that is medically inaccurate, there is no such thing as an abortion pill reversal. This measure is written by politicians – not doctors – and is about shaming folks accessing abortion care and blocking access to a safe, legal medical procedure.

Senate Bill 208 – Sen. Terry Johnson is the sponsor of SB 208. The claims this bill makes are blatantly false and are being pushed by anti-abortion activists in order to scare people and stigmatize reproductive health care. The sole intent of this bill is to create another opportunity to push a false and inflammatory narrative around reproductive health care in Ohio

During the third hearing, opponents to these bills will have the opportunity to testify. We want to pack the hearing room to show our legislators that we are watching, we won't let them push junk science in secrecy, as well as to support the individuals speaking to why these bills are dangerous for Ohio.

This event is free and open to the public - please come if you can. Reach out at (614) 586-6068 or if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for being in this fight with us!