Two sandwiches on a plate

Pictured (Flynn 2019):  avocado and roasted red bell pepper sandwich

4th and State just opened in downtown Columbus – literally on the northwest corner of 4th and State in December 2019. What an exciting opportunity for folks working in the area to have easily accessible, fully-vegan breakfast and lunch equivalent alternative that has a fabulous affordable menu and vibe.

4th and State  offers breakfast: decadent French toast, pancakes, “vrunch” wrap and even vegan bac’un and “eggs” (for those who haven’t tried the humane, mung-bean-derived JUST egg here’s your chance). Lunch options include: salads, unique and delicious sandwiches (blueberry and mozz cheeze and the roasted red bell pepper and avocado are absolutely delightful!), smoothie and veggie bowls, and great sides such as sweet potato home fries, Mediterranean pasta salad (yes, vegan feta exists) and scrambled eggs!

If you are in the mood for donuts and coffee (with actual vegan CREAMER- not just plant-milk), it can be had here. They have really developed a fantastic menu that must be tried as nothing has disappointed. They even accommodated a side of vegan sour cream and blueberry compote for the “blueberry blintz” (my family tradition) pancakes I asked for.

Discover and enjoy the abundantly amazing vegan options appearing around town this year. A vegan shift is happening, “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.”               

Join the Columbus Vegan Meetupto learn about other upcoming events such as our book club on Monday, Jan 13th featuring The Cheese Trap by Dr. Neal Barnard.    

4th and State
Address: 152 E. State St, Columbus (downtown)
Hours: Open Sat and Sundays only 9am-4pm (weekdays coming soon- TBA)