Cauliflower with peanut sauce and Moo Shu Wrap with tofu

Cauliflower with peanut sauce and Moo Shu Wrap with tofu

Photo by Laura Standfield

Acre is an exciting new option for socially just diners on High St. just north of the OSU campus. They have developed their “farm to table to go” platform on locally sourced ingredients, organic grains and more sustainable practices like quality service ware (as opposed to disposable) recycling and composting. Hungry people can be satisfied with an affordable assortment of fresh, delicious and easily veganizable fusion of Asian and Mexican style bowls and wraps and refreshing shrubs. No vegan dessert here yet however; their cookies have dairy. Perhaps they can contract with Nanak, Pattycake or Destination Donuts for a vegan dessert. Vegans may want to verify what has honey or dairy. The peanut and hoisin sauces are vegan and they offer tofu for those who still eat soy. Their staff is informed on vegan needs and they have a comprehensive guide on menu item ingredients for anyone who has specific avoidances for ethics, health, allergies, phobias, prevention etc. The river of denial that still runs through our culture regarding “humane,” “free range,” “grass fed,” “organic,” “meat,” (and animal products including dairy/eggs/goat products etc.) requires a reality check. Where I come from, “Doing good” doesn’t mean having someone else do your dirty work and killing someone for a 10 minute taste preference; made from scratch sauces may disguise the ghoul yet doesn’t change the facts- be it ethics of killing innocents for eating pleasure or economic gain that is driving extinction of all Earth’s species, including our own.

  An acre, which is equivalent to an entire football field, of the most bio diverse region and oxygen producing rainforest, is being cleared every second of every day- primarily for livestock production. If we used the free range, grass fed model average of 4500 acre producing 80,000 lbs of meat per year and the average American currently eats 209 lbs of meat per year, that means that 382 people could be fed on the 4500 acres of land, allowing 11.7 acres per person. Multiply that times 314 million people in the United States, and we would need 3.7 billion acres and we only have 1.9 billion acres in the entire  lower 48 states. It would take the entire US, some of Canada, all of Central America and well down into nearly half of South America to feed just Americans their typical beef consumption. Since people are loath to stop adding to the global population, we are only beginning to see the crunch in resources. Make every day Earth day; love life, live vegan. Thank you (again) Laura Standfield for the photo!

Acre is located: 2700 N. High St, Columbus, OH 43202. Mon-Sun 11:00am to10PM


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