White bowl with red soup and green chives sprinkled on top

Image (Eriyah Flynn): Cold beet soup with lavender and chives

Alana’s, located in the north campus area on High Street, has a delightfully comprehensive dining experience for the socially-just diner. You can start with a crisp, tasty greens salad with quinoa and citrus overtones that can be veganized, and if you like beets, you can choose a colorful, cold, savory beet soup with lavender and chives.

They offer a “surprise” main dish, a unique twist of watermelon lemonade, finished with a cool vegan chocolate and coffee or cherry sorbet. Alana’s has several other vegan and gluten-free options available.

I don’t recommend the “surprise” when your meal may cost $26 just for the main dish plate. ln my opinion I want to really enjoy the meal, not just take whatever you get. If you don’t happen to like it, you would pay even more for something else.  

In 2006, it was forecasted that ocean fisheries would collapse by 2048. However, that was prior to the BP disaster in the Gulf and Fukushima in the Pacific. The 2016 UN Food and Agriculture Organization report recently announced that the global wild fisheries have been 90 percent exploited and will collapse by 2025, a mere nine years from today. Given rising global consciousness regarding the pollution contamination, parasites, violence and unsustainability inherent in consuming aquatic animals, economics, ethics and ecology demands a rapid world vegan shift. I can’t imagine the ocean without wild sea life left in it, can you?
Location: 2333 N. High St. Columbus
Open: Wed-Sat open for dinner at 5, private parties other days

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