Pictured (Berry Vegan Delights 2018): Vegan Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Berry Vegan Delights is a local vegan chocolatier startup that launched in January 2018. Founder, Jonna Owens, offers gourmet, artisan, chocolate covered strawberries to those seeking a chocolate decadent treat in white, semi-sweet and dark chocolates. What a creative and exciting addition to the Columbus market for vegan dessert options! These are great gifts for all types of occasions and would be a great addition to any restaurant or hospitality group to offer their guests interested in vegan options. You can find her at various vegan pop-ups events or order online.

May has many exciting things going on in the vegan community- for those willing to travel- Cleveland Veg Fest(as well as Virtual Vegan Wear day for those who want to show unity with vegan messaging) on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) this year. The Columbus Vegan Meetuphas a spring cleanup on May 6th at Clara St. by the Fairgrounds, Sunrise Sanctuary is going their Spring Fling fundraising event on May 26th (see Columbus Vegan Meetupfor details). This is also an election cycle, and Ohio’s Dennis Kucinich is a vegan running for Governor along with Tara Samples (Lt. Governor). Dennis is pro-peace, anti-war, supports $15 minimum wage, free 2 college, pro-renewable energy anti-fracking and a litany of other social justice issues.   

Website: www.berryvegandelights.com
Contact: 614-349-1001

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