White T-shirt with big cow face in the middle and words Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk

One of my local favorites is Big Mama’s Burritos, on the corner of Grandview Avenue and Third Avenue. Big Mama’s has highly accessible hours and affordable pricing, which is helpful when I don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to get really full on a delicious, giant vegan burrito. That California girl in me has a real soft-spot for Mexican food.

For a while, refried beans seemed like they had disappeared and the only burritos you could get came with either black beans or whole pintos. I’m so glad a buddy of mine turned me onto this great place. While the building of the burrito is not done right in front of you, you still have a lot of say as to what goes into it.

Their guacamole is fresh and delicious – I really do rate Mexican food on their beans and their guacamole. They have interesting salsa options (mango!) and while their corn tortilla chips are not made in house, they are good. Next time you are ravenous, you can get a decent sized vegan burrito there for under $5.

Earth Day is coming this month and if you didn’t know, the largest Earth Day Volunteer Service and Festival event in the country is based in Columbus. I hope you’ll be getting involved in Green Columbus’ Earth Day events this April.

Remember, nothing is as far-reaching as a single behavioral change, or says commitment to environmental conservation and regeneration integrity, like making a vegan shift. If you haven’t made a vegan shift yet, and you want to seriously mitigate the mass extinction happening as a direct result of the Anthropocene, get connected to the local vegan community and support infrastructure today with VeganShift.org and the Columbus Vegan Meetup.

Big Mama’s Burritos
Location: 1359 Grandview Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43212
Open Daily: 11am - 3am

Website: bigmammasburritos.com/location-1