Pictured: Veggie Sandwich (Veganized as described) with Asparagus and Potato Soup Photo by Eriyah Flynn
Café Brioso has the best pesto on a sandwich I’ve ever had. I think what makes this pesto so unique is that they use pecans. When I am downtown and in the mood for a simple soup and sandwich combo, this is one of my favorite stops. Everything on their menu is made fresh daily, from scratch, including their Foccocia (however, that is not vegan because it has dairy in it). There are a few exceptions to their house “made from scratch” products lines; their delicious and moist artisan wheat and sourdough sandwich breads are organic and locally sourced from Dan the baker. The wheat bread contains honey and the sourdough is currently the only vegan bread option. They typically offer at least one vegan soup and often a vegan fresh fruit salad can be found. Their coffee is roasted on site and can be enhanced with a vegan milk option; I’m fond of their Ohio Maple Latte with soy milk. Warning- the downtown meter readers are predatory, so don’t park at the 30 minute meters in front of the restaurant if you plan to hold a meeting or are inclined to be distracted when running into people you haven’t seen in a while, you will get a $45 ticket. Cafe Brioso is located at 14 E Gay St. Columbus. Open 7am to 5pm Mon-Fri, 9am to 4 pm Sat. Closed Sun. Eriyah’s Favorites: Veggie Sandwich-Eriyah’s Favorites: Veggie Sandwich- veganized (on sourdough bread, substitute cheese for extra avocado) with Gazpacho Soup

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