Salad on a plate with a little cup of salad dressing at the side

Pictured (Flynn 2018): Rollin Fattie 

Chop5 Salad Kitchen is a new “create a chopped salad” concept sprouting up in the Polaris area. It makes getting your daily requirements for leafy greens, vegetables, legumes, fruits, and seeds fun and easy!

When 97% of the American population is deficient in fiber consumption, this is a much-needed service to society. While they have many combinations of salad you can choose from, you are also encouraged to create your own masterpiece that the staff then chops and adds dressings to present an energizing, fiber-rich and refreshing delight.

They seek to avoid cross-contaminating plants with animal ingredients on the chopping surface by only adding any animal products to the salad AFTER they chop the greens, beans, fruits and nuts/seeds on the board and place the salad on the plate. While vegans are definitely concerned with animal product cross-contamination, for those with allergies to nuts, dairy or meats (allergies to meats was news to me), this seems like it could be high-risk depending on the attention to detail and protocol compliance of the staff.

The concept is certainly making critical shifts in human dietary patterns more accessible and is a welcome innovation to the Columbus dining test market.     

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Chop5 Salad Kitchen
Location: 2044 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240
Open everyday:  Mon- Friday 11:00am-9pm, Saturday 11:00am-8:00pm -Sunday 11am-7pm

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