Plantains with ancho chili sauce and pumpkin soup Photo by Eriyah Flynn
Although The Explorer’s club in Merion Village is not a vegan restaurant, they have for the last two years honored the vegan community with a special vegan menu in November (wish I would have known this sooner both times!). This year, they are featuring: tempeh tots, caramelized pearl onions and mushroom au gratin, vegan pot roast, vegan cabbage rolls in addition to their usual vegan options on their menu of plantains with a mango habanero chutney, root vegetable pancake sandwich on fresh baked house bread and a hearty bowl of tempeh chili. I’m drooling over the prospects of their December menu as it is a “best of” compilation of the year’s menu that will also be featuring a vegan quinoa patty and chocolate peanut butter cup pie made with coconut milk cream (OMG!). I’m hoping they will add the sweet potato fritters with raspberry jam to that menu because I was in love with those last holiday season. They source locally for many of their menu items and organic items are a future goal of the restaurant. Explorer’s club has enough seating to support large groups when necessary. They are located at: 1586 S High St. Columbus. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Eriyah’s Favorite: Plantains served as pictured below

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