Caesar salad

Greenhouse Canteen is a 100% plant-pure vegan restaurant chain headquartered in Australia. Local vegan owner operator Joshua Douglass launched its first US restaurant in Grandview in Oct 2020, in spite of covid. They have still managed to survive through some of the toughest years in business this millennium, as covid dramatically impacted our lives in so many ways.

Greenhouse Canteen stands alone as the only 100% vegan fine dining experience of the dozen 100% plant-pure vegan casual restaurants that now support the rapidly growing plant-pure health diet, environmental, and vegan communities. Another way Greenhouse Canteen has distinguished their restaurant is that they are one of the few 100% gluten-free establishments supporting the gluten intolerant and gluten-sensitive community.

Their food is so good that I quite literally daydream about foods I do not typically crave…such as caesar salad. I don’t normally dream about caesar salad (or any salad) at all, but theirs is SO GOOD for several reasons: 1) Polenta - again, I’ve never even cared for polenta (my only experience with it prior was that ready-made plastic tube you see at the grocery store), but theirs is made fresh, and like all made-from-scratch items, it is world of difference! 2) Their vegan bacun is so incredibly TASTY- umami! 3) Dressing, it’s delicious, and I have no basis for comparison on that, because truth be told, I didn’t eat caesar salads, ever, until recently. 

The BBQ mushroom skewer is another item they have on their menu that I just simply cannot move on from. I get at least one order, often a second one to go, every time I’m there, because it is spectacularly delicious! I could go on and on about other menu items (pumpkin mushroom gnocchi, raw pesto pasta, aranchini balls etc.) because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every meal I’ve had there. 

They also just attained their beer and wine license so things just got even more diverse on the drink menu for those who imbibe in the spirits. Their unique cocktails with lavender flower petals are a delight. It is so wonderful to have these great, full-service (appetizer, salad, main course, dessert, and now even alcohol) vegan restaurants in Columbus again where our demographics can safely experience a meal without cross-contamination (be it intentional or not) and either untrained staff and/or anti-vegan staff  “mistakes” that can (and have) negatively impact our dining out experiences. 

Earth Day is this month (April 22nd), and I always think it important to point out the finer details about a dining experience that demonstrate sustainability, and Greenhouse Canteen uses compostable to-go containers.  

Business: Green House Canteen 
Address:1011 W. 5th Ave, Grandview, 43212
Phone: (614) 525-0202
Open: Monday to Saturday from 5 pm 

Photos (Flynn.2022) 

Arancini balls and BBQ mushroom skewers