The High Street Grill was a pleasant jury duty discovery, as it is inside the Westin Columbus hotel which is within easy walking distance across the street from the courthouse. It is one of the few non-Asian cuisine dining options that offers tofu on the menu, as well as a pesto that is not adulterated with cheese. I have immensely enjoyed their margherita pizza and their hearty salad by substituting what was typically mozzarella on the pizza with the pesto and tofu, and what was typically bleu cheese and turkey subbed with tofu and walnuts on the salad. I’m always a sucker for a good balsamic reduction and that is just the right accent on both of those dishes. They are also open for breakfast every day, and for dinner but only during Southern Theater performances. Their breakfast menu is fairly limited for vegan options, but you can get a vegan blueberry banana smoothie and fresh bowl of berries with some oatmeal and soy milk. Their granola does contain honey, and their soup stocks contain animal based stocks. They are happy to accommodate vegans and other allergy, heart healthy and gluten-free needs. Thankfully, they do not use Styrofoam for to-go containers. High Street Grill is located at 310 South High Street Columbus. Open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week.
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