Chunks of marinated tofu with veggies

Tiger Tofu with red peppers, onions.

Jiu Thai is an Asian Northern Chinese style (not Thai) restuarant that does a dish called Tiger Tofu that is absolutely delicious. They are very accommodating and flexible with their menu, which has several veganizable and gluten-free possibilities, just be clear what you need, (Nicole and Welling on their team are savvy on what vegans need). Many dishes come with animal products that can be otherwise substituted for tofu or a different sauce without sea-based or land-based animals in it. Caution- Two menu items do not indicate there are animals in them: 1) Biang Biang Noodle does not state it comes with strips of cow flesh in it, and 2) Peking Zhab Jaing Noodle has ground pigs in the sauce.

On Sun March 20th from 12-4 The Spring Vegan Pop-up Market is at the Ching Ter Temple 2891 E Dublin-Granville Road, Columbus, OH. Vegan consciousness is really ramping-up and evidence that a rapid world vegan shift is emerging. The Human Rights Commission in Ontario Canada just included veganism under the definition of Creed ensuring vegans will have protected status under the law. VegNews recently reported “Law now requires…service providers such as hospitals, schools and employers may not discriminate against vegan requests, and schools cannot obligate students to dissect animals, hospitals must provide vegan meals upon request, and employers cannot discriminate against workers who choose not to wear animal-product based uniforms.”
Jiu Thai:
Location: 787Bethel Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43214
Mon, Wed, Thur, Friday 11:00 – 10:00
Sun open 11:30 - 9pm
Sat 11:30- 10pm
Closed Tuesdays


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