Sandwich and salad

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Kona Craft Kitchen is located in the new Bridge Park Development in Dublin The restaurant had its grand opening in March 2022, and as of June executive chef Anthony Schulz has launched new, clearly marked, intentionally vegan selections on the menu.

For those who eat a plant-pure diet for health reasons, or those vegans seeking optimal thriving health, you will be delighted that the offerings lean towards whole foods (though they do use oil), and gluten-conscious (not containing gluten, though produced in an environment that does use wheat), and there are peanuts on the soba noodle (made from buckwheat flour).

The vegan dishes lean towards organic and Amish-sourced produce. While they currently have a dedicated fryer for sea-life, the other fryer does fry foods that may not be vegan. I don’t usually comment on this in my column, however it is something I do notice everywhere I go. Their restroom has just topped my “Best Restroom in Bridge Park” for its cleanliness and remarkably luxurious hand soap: Williams-Sonoma Cedarwood Cardamon - and, yes, it too is vegan, and is not tested on animals. I called and directly confirmed these details with the W-S customer service team.

The Coffee Bar offers oat and almond plant milk. While their pastry array is currently missing a vegan option, Executive Pastry Chef Claudia Hernandez is working on some recipes and will be releasing something interesting soon. The breakfast menu features one vegan-specific item: an acai bowl that contains nuts (coconut), dried cherries, kiwi, berries, and Marcona almonds. The avocado toast currently has milk in the dough, so it cannot be veganized. The vegan lunch and dinner option is the Soba Tofu, which is chili-lime marinated + grilled tofu, soba (buckwheat) noodles, and kimchi with a peanut sauce. The grilled flatbread is easily veganizable with the removal of the charred habanero crema, as are several salads, bowls, and most soups that can be modified to accommodate vegans. New menus with corrections will be printed soon to avoid some currently confusing information (avocado toast is listed as vegan). 

Business: Kona Craft Kitchen  
Address: 6757 Longshore St., Dublin, Ohio 43017
Phone: (614) 502-5400
Open: Sun-Thurs - 8am to 9pm, Fri-Sat - 8am to 10pm