Two pieces of hard bread with green and orange foodstuff on them on a white plate with a bowl and glass on the table in the background

Avocado toast and hearty black bean chili (flynn, 2017)

Little Eater, a concept restaurant designed to promote more organic, produce-based foods and support local farmers, has expanded operations into a stand-alone restaurant in Clintonville at High Street and Deland Avenue. While there are still some animal products on the menu, vegan options are significantly represented. And, everything I have tried there was excellent, bursting with delicious flavor and colorful appeal.

Their fresh, vegetable-based, seasonally inspired foods are revitalizing. Their warm soups are comfortably satisfying and they have recognized that even vegans deserve dessert. The Columbus Vegan Meetup had a delightful experience there recently and we are grateful to entrepreneurs empowering vegan access and affordability.

As humanity’s population is rapidly growing and technology is constantly evolving, it is urgent for our cultural traditions and infrastructures to evolve into a model that is consciously consistent with our values: energy efficient agricultural production and a sustainable model of human coexistence with fellow earthlings.

Vegans strive for a Garden of Eden state on earth. Hampton Creek Foods may not be local, however they are disrupting the food infrastructure with their latest generation of plant-based eggs. “Just Scramble” hit the market in San Francisco at the end of November 2017. Mung bean farmers win with this game changing, plant-based egg.

Little Eater
Location: 4215 North High St., Columbus, Ohio 43214
Open Daily: 11am - 9pm, Sundays 11am -3pm

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