Los Potosinos is a food truck located on Long Street just East of the Lincoln Theater that I was lured to by a colleague with the guarantee of being “the real authentic Mexican food deal”- the street cred being the owner is from Texas near the Mexican border. Since I’m a California stray who landed in the Midwest (as if being vegan wasn’t enough) I’m pretty discerning on what really qualifies as authentic Mexican food and one of the ways I rate this particular genre of cuisine is on their beans and rice.


Those two ingredients are staples of the health conscious vegan demographic, and quite interestingly, are also largely staples for the rest of the “poorest” peoples of the world (smashing the myth that vegan food is expensive- organic non-GMO beans and rice are still considerably cheaper than comparable animal products, pound for pound). The good news is; they passed on my opinion of authentic flavor.


The meal was delicious, with satisfying portions and friendly service. The owner confirmed that no lard or animal-based stocks were used in the beans or rice respectively. They make all of their sauces fresh and there was even an unusual drink called tamarind water- it was pretty good though I can guarantee it was high calorie as it was sweetened with sugar.