Cupcake-looking desserts, round, each one a different color, yellow, brown and dark brown with white chocolate chips on a blue plate

Pictured (M. Francis 2017):  Blondie, Brownie and Red Velvet bars

Marlee’s Beany Baked Goods is an exciting, new vegan treat business entering the Columbus food scene with a high protein bean and oat based alternative to conventional wheat flour-based baked goods. She does chocolate brownies, blondies (with vegan white chocolate chips) and no-bake cookies. She is also experimenting with a new, red velvet brownie made with beet juice. Super stoked to try that since her initial offerings are fantastic, and everyone is raving about them. She is happy to provide modified recipes for other avoidant dietary needs such as no-oil, no-sugar or make other baked goods, upon request.

Marlees Beany Baked Goods are now available daily at the Yeah, Me Too coffee house on Indianola.

Did you know that Columbus is home to a Veg Fest? The Columbus Veg Fest, now an official 501c3, is having the second annual event at the Whetstone Recreation Center on Saturday, August 26th from 10am to 5pm. The Columbus VegFest is a day of education promoting sustainable living, healthier bodies and a more compassionate (and socially just) society. The festival features more than a dozen health and activism speakers, vegan friendly exhibitors, kids activities and more. They are seeking volunteers. Check out the Columbus Vegan Meetup group for more details on getting connected to the Columbus vegan community. 



Instagram: @marleesbbbs

phone: 614-984-7630

Open: Everyday 9am - 8pm 


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